Virus Removal


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Your system will be cleaned of all viruses, spyware and malware.  Your system will perform like the first day you purchased it.  Anti-virus software will be installed at no charge and procedures will be given to you to keep your system clean.  This does not include backing up any software, documents, pictures, etc.. This also does not include re-installation of the operating system.  These can be purchased for an additional charge.


Backup Data To Flash Drive:

This includes copying all documents, pictures, music and videos to a new flash drive (included in costs).

Reinstall OS (Operating System)

The only sure way to make sure every trace of a virus / spyware is gone is to repartition/reformat the drive.  With your OS disc we will reinstall the operating system and install all drivers.  Note that most viruses/spyware do not need this, however for true peace of mind this is the way to go.  Internally your system will be new.

Remote Connection:

Your system can either be repaired remotely or having the system shipped to us.  Remote Connection will be a faster way to repair your system and normally would be done in a few hours.  Shipping is at your expense and would take shipping time (to and from) your location.  Reinstallation of the OS you must have the system shipped to us.


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